Multiple Agency and Jurisdiction Organized Response (MAJOR) Disaster Management

Multiple Agency and Jurisdiction Organized Response (MAJOR) Disaster Management

Disasters, whether natural, industrial, or due to hostile acts such as terrorism, require a coordinated response among numerous public and private agencies.  Far too often an ill-coordinated response has turned a minor incident into a major disaster.

In a metropolitan region such as the Detroit Metro area, with more than 200 jurisdictions, thousands of public and private entities, and a major international border, this challenge of coordinating all of the first responders is immense.  The IITC, in partnership with four other departments, has proposed to create models that would simulate disasters and the coordinated response among these agencies and jurisdictions.  These computerized simulations, in a manner quite similar to the use of flight simulators for flight training, would be used to train incident responders and disaster managers in the most effective coordination techniques and structures.

The MAJOR simulator would be built using data from both actual disaster response and from simulated scenarios conducted by police, firefighters, and EMS personnel.   A “Go-Team” has been assembled both for participating in scenarios and responding to actual incidents. 

The MAJOR simulator will be a significant resource for governments and private entities in Detroit and the nation.  It will be used as both a training tool and a planning tool, to bring the highest level of preparedness possible for unexpected events.

Principal Investigator: Allen Batteau
Co-Principal Investigators: Dale Brandenburg, Institute for Learning and Performance Improvement; Jon Brewster, Department of Computer Science; Matthew Seeger, Department of Communication; Suzanne White, School of Medicine, Poison Control Center