IITC Fellows

  • Haluk Aktan, Ph.D.
    Civil and Environmental Engineering and Center for Structural Durability, a Michigan Department of Transportation Center (Director)
  • Dale Brandenburg, Ph.D.
    Administrative and Organizational Studies, College of Education
  • Jon Brewster, Ph.D.
    Computer Science
  • Darin Ellis, Ph.D.
    Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Institute of Gerontology
  • Fred Pearson, Ph.D.
    Center for Peace and Conflict Studies (Director) and Detroit Council for World Affairs
  • Bob Reynolds, Ph.D.
    Computer Science
  • Kenneth Riopelle, Ph.D.
    Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Matt Seeger, Ph.D.
  • Joseph Tan, Ph.D.
    Information Systems and Manufacturing (Chair)
  • Frances Trix, Ph.D.
  • Suzanne White, M.D.
    School of Medicine