e-México:  Una visión social

The Internet is transforming societies around the world.  One of the most ambitious efforts by a nation to shape its own destiny in the Information Age is the e-México program created by the Fox government in Mexico.  Working with states and municipalities in Mexico, the Secretariat of Communication and Transportation is building 3200 Digital Community Centers to serve as focal points for education, healthcare information, economic opportunities, and government service across the country.

The builders of e-México have understood that these services will create a profound transformation in the lives of Mexican citizens.  They have asked Wayne State University’s Institute for Information Technology and Culture, working with la Universidad Iberoamericana, to examine how e-México is changing the lives of Mexicans. 

A field study is underway, with researchers in three communities, examining the development, diffusion, acceptance, and use of internet technology and content in Mexican communities.  The research teams are determining the characteristics of effective digital community centers, the most suitable forms of leadership, and the internet content most useful in the communities.

Results of this project will be used by the Secretariat and other agencies within the Mexican government to improve e-México services.


Principal Investigator: Allen Batteau
Co-investigators: Capt. Alex Perez; Carmen Bueno and Techi Marquez
Research Partners: la Universidad Iberoamericana
Sponsor: la Secretaria de Transportes y Comunicaciones